Lauren Rice Wellness


This place is for you.
This place is for everyone and anyone who wants 
 to transform 
  how they feel.

You can bring
peace and balance
into your daily routine
+ create the vibrant
health and well-being
you've always hoped was possible.  
Our Mind|Body community believes true nourishment comes from more than food.

The Mind | Body approach focuses on creating balance through mindfulness,
sustainable plant-based eating for your optimal genetic expression + prioritizing the growth of your spirit
for A multi-dimensional 
healing experience.




WHat is Mind|Body Therapy?

Supporting Digestive Well-Being With Epigenetic Nutrition

Mindfulness Practice Coaching

Finding Balance in Stress and Fatigue

Learning How to Nourish Your Body

Understanding The Voice of Your Spirit.

Lauren has such an immense and varied collection of knowledge that really lends to her practice, and also her ability to provide people with insightful guidance... she operates with complete kindness and total humility.

With Lauren, you're gonna get so much more than you anticipated. She's gonna help you connect the dots, unpack and understand the union between your biology, your psychology, and your spirituality in a way that you've never considered them before.



Don't wait to invest in yourself! I have spent so much time and money on diets, self-help books, and gym memberships. The cost of working with Lauren was a fraction of that and it has changed my life.

-Jennifer N


Lauren provided a wellness workshop around healthy tech boundaries for our team members. 


We are an all-online virtual company and we train health coaches in functional medicine, positive psychology, and mind-body techniques...our team members are all around the globe. 

It was such a pleasure to have Lauren share her passion, and what she put together was so beautiful, but also really practical! Our team was able to implement some of the skills that Lauren provided and now we are thriving in 2021!

-Elyse Wagner, FCMA Founder+ CEO


I never thought I could meditate, let alone LIKE to do it. But here I am with a regular practice that I look forward to every day. I used to stress out so much about what to eat, and now I feel like I choose what feels good because I listen to what my body is telling me.

- Caty

Woman in Yoga Studio

I didn't know how I could afford NOT to take a big step to feel better. I was suffering from endometriosis and in pain most days of the month. My periods were hell on earth (passing out, not able to work due to pain) and I actually lost a job because of my absences. Cue  working with  Lauren. It's been 6 of the 8-week program and I got my first period without needing to take painkillers!! This is CRAZY to a girl who has been suffering for years.   She was the first person that actually gave me a WHY as to what was going on in my body, not a bunch of pills or a "we don't treat that "-type response. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

- Claire


I was so grateful for the way she shows up to her practice...her preparedness, her presence and her follow-up are all super professional and beautiful...I was surprised at how much food dogma there was in my life,  and in spite of the hesitancy, I decided to try some of her ideas and let the results speak for themselves and they DID.

I made significant changes in how I eat,  how    I think, and how I breathe that have really been beneficial.


I feel really good, just like myself again. I've lost 15 lbs, my skin is GLOWING, and people keep telling me I look great. I just tell them I'm finally taking care of me.

-Elise W.

woman 11

Lauren creates a safe space for you to enter into spiritual direction, healing and self-discovery.

- Tamara

- Tamara


I have been working with Lauren for six months and the impact of the work I have done with her is clear--I am sleeping well,  I feel good,  and my heart is at peace. This world needs more people like her...


Woman on a Deserted Road

Lauren has guided me through some of the most challenging and darkest spaces and times I've experienced and unraveled un my life journey so far, and I'm so so grateful that she is there to hold the flashlight for me as I embark on those inner spaces...


This isn't some miracle program, that will make you an OMing -supermodel. It will however help you become the best version of yourself,  who makes good choices to heal their body. I look and feel amazing being just me.



Each one of our genes has at least 30,000 variations from every gene blueprint.


Even our potentials have potentials. We are truly unlimited.


Sometimes we have to take two steps backwards because it's the only way to jump three steps forward.