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Get Calm

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I’m an epigenetic nutritional therapist, plant medicine practitioner, and mindfulness teacher who believes that small, simple choices have the power to change your life. 


Every day, we all make choices.

Some that have an obvious impact on how well we feel, and others that don’t. 


My experience taught me that many of the challenges we face today are not because there is something wrong with who we are, but because of the way that we are living. 

Finding out what nourishes your spirit and mind is essential to the well-being of your body.

"When I first started studying Nutritional Therapy, doctors and healthcare practitioners on two continents were unable to help me heal..."


I took that as an invitation to become curious about the deeper reasons why I was unwell. 

This led me on a decade-plus journey; spanning countries, cultures, and disciplines.

My healing ultimately came from inside me.

My illness was my undoing and my initiation.

Seeking out nutrient-rich food and a deeper awareness of my body did begin to help. I also had the realization that damage to my nervous system from traumatic experiences was deeply impacting my ability to heal.

When I felt better, I wanted to shout what I had learned from the rooftops.

 As a nutritional therapist and nutrigenomic counselor in private practice in the Washington, D.C. area, I gained years of intensive clinical experience helping individuals suffering from things major autoimmune diseases, allergies, cancers, hormonal imbalance, and biotoxin illnesses... many of these are the diseases of modern life and excessive stress. 

I began to see a pattern of nervous system overwhelm that underpinned them all, so began to integrate mindful body awareness strategies within my nutritional work.

This led me to psychedelic therapy as a powerful tool for deep and lasting personal growth and change. 

As the world moves rapidly towards a mental health landscape in which psychedelic therapy is an active part of the clinical discourse, I have actively sought out mentorship and  collaboration with respected thinkers and healers in the field.

I have also intensively studied with a Yaqui indigenous medicine person, which shifted my understanding of what was possible for human healing.


My work has been influenced by many disciplines including:

Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics, Functional Nutritional Therapy (CPD, NTP, MA)

Western herbalism (CPD)

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the body’s energy meridians

Certified Reiki Master (CRMT)

The Eastern chakra system

Eastern meditative practices, including work with Tara Brach's Insight Meditation Society 

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) certifications for PTSD

Self-acupressure and bodywork techniques such as Therapeutic Tremoring and EFT/Tapping and EMDR

Breathwork practices including the Wim Hoff Method

Traditional Central and South American plant medicines, as well as Medical Cannabis;  mentorship in clinical MAPS-based therapeutic approaches and Mexican Indigenous practices. 

Interpersonal and Jungian psychology and the work of  Caroline Myss (CMED)

Internal Family Systems Theory (IFS Parts work) 

I have also worked as an executive and educator in the burgeoning United States medical cannabis industry, educating doctors and patients on the healing power of this important healing tool, and the study of various plant medicines.

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Be Balanced: Understand Your Body 

Epigenetics shows us that our genes are not
prescriptive, telling us how we necessarily have to or will be, but descriptive, meaning they tell us a story about what our bodies have experienced.

What we eat, drink, breathe, feel, think and do all have the power to shift our genes & our reality.


In my clinical work, I use nutritional therapy, or food as healing tool, in conjunction with other awareness practices to heal the body from the inside out.

Our work together focuses on adrenal and amygdala function, which are some of the main biological regulators of addiction and other negative habituated behaviors such as stress eating or compulsive work patterns.

These organs are so relevant to the healing or balance of almost any condition. 

The Mind|Body Therapy™️ approach supports the healing of imbalance at the genetic and cellular levels.

Be Embodied: Heal the Nervous System with Neuroplasticity & Ceremony


So many of the individuals I have worked with over the years come to alternative therapies after trying lots of different things.

They have typically seen multiple practitioners and tried more than one diet, medicine or approach. 

Even if someone eats the perfect diet, engages in a great exercise or movement plan, leverages shadow and growth work, goes to therapy, takes medication, and gets enough sleep...

They may still struggle to open to the deeper healing they crave to feel more safe and connected to themselves and others.

This is where healing the nervous system becomes essential, as it regulates the way we manage stress, how perceive the world, and even our immune system function.

The body cannot change its state from imbalanced to balanced if its nervous system is programmed to be in a state of stress. 

Using ancestral and psychedelic medicines and teaching tools can allow people who are in states of chronic inflammation and disease related to stress, C/PTSD, substance use disorders, and healing from traumas and relational wounds to access a profound nervous system reset within the appropriate container.


Be Integrated: Bringing It All Together


There is not a singular healing program for everyone. 

Self-care is more than just bubble baths and knowing when to take a mental health day, it's about creating a life that you don’t have to escape from.  

As an epigenetic nutritional therapist, mindfulness teacher, and psychedelic guide, my main practice segment for the last 10 years has been helping people to manage psychoneuroendocrinogical imbalances from a holistic perspective. 

This means: I help individuals understand how their nervous system health and past traumas affect their brain, their hormonal balance, and their ability to feel vital and balanced in life.

It is important to look at the nervous system in conjunction with endocrine, digestive, and detoxification systems, etc., to deeply heal. We are systemic beings, who operate best when we look at the whole, not just parts.

This is part of what makes  Mind|Body Therapy™️ unique. 

Most psychedelic and plant medicine practitioners focus on psychedelic mental and emotional work and neglect physical health features like nutrition, genetics, and immune health. 

But when it comes to integrating the transformational healing that comes from psychedelic work, a solid foundation of physical health is the proper ground to stand on.


Meditation and compassionate self-awareness are skills that it can take time and practice to learn.


Often the people who most need the benefits of meditation are some of the least able to access it.

This is why part of Mind|Body Therapy™️ is simple breathwork practice, to make the benefits of meditation easy & accesible. 

Group Program

Gene Shape is an 8-week program for health and wellness practitioners, deep feelers, and wellness junkies that focuses on the ability to self-heal at a deep, genetic level.

The course will explore:

  • Healing nutritional therapy

  • Nervous system healing for stress + trauma

  • Effective and safe detox techniques and lymphatic drainage support

  • Deepening your relationship with yourself through meditative practice +breathwork

Due to the LIVE nature of this class, there are limited spaces available for practitioners, wellness students, and those who want to learn tried & tested methodologies to bring their healing to the next level.

Course Start Date: TBA

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1:1 Program

Deep Nourish is an 8-week program that teaches you to cultivate presence, and the ability to self-heal at a deep, genetic level.

Experience personalized, epigenetic nutritional therapy:

  • Targeted nutritional guidance for your unique body and genetics to heal and become your best self

  • Private meditative practice coaching

  • Safe and supportive work with psychedelic medicines or other healing tools that facilitate deep shifts & quantum leaps in healing and personal consciousness                                                              
  • Access to medical-grade targeted nutritional supplements available only to practitioners at a discount

  • Access to a library of customized digital content including recipes, meal plans, lifestyle guidance, etc.

  • Access to functional labwork panels to understand more about your health, as well as interpretation of these or past lab results with Lauren 

  •  Guidance on other alternative therapies tailored to help your body find healing such as self-lymphatic drainage techniques, functional movement modalities and private referrals

  • Concierge access to Lauren in-between and after sessions so you always feel supported

Spaces available on a limited basis in 2023.

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