Ten years ago, I was a super-stressed and burned-out young law student...

...trying to recover my health. I was just trying to succeed at work and school, and I found myself in the middle of a full-blow health crisis. 

Unfortunately, there was so much conflicting health information out there that I didn't know what to trust or where to get started.

It used to be that a doctor was the person you could go to and learn how to feel better.

But now, lots of the things that we struggle with are better treated with diet and lifestyle than traditional medicine.

Seeing this, I decided there had to be a way to help people see the changes I was looking for in my life, without having to spend the years and work I did.

And then I decided that teaching my clients simple, small changes they could make every day was the secret to helping them truly heal.

Eventually, I was able to reverse all of my symptoms, and teach thousands of people over ten years how to repeat my results.

Learn How I did it!

"Lauren has such an immense and varied collection of knowledge that really lends to her practice, and also her ability to provide people with insightful guidance... She operates with complete kindness and total humility. With Lauren, you're gonna get so much more than you anticipated. She's gonna help you connect the dots, unpack and understand the union between your biology, your psychology, and your spirituality in a way that you've never [considered before]."

- Evie D. -

Keep Reading to learn more about how I was able to reset my hormones, heal my body from autoimmune disease and FINALLY manage my stress. (And how you can too!) :)

Discover How To Use Hydration To Detoxify The Body

Before I started my practice ten years ago, I struggled with sleeping well, having healthy skin and feeling calm. I had diagnosed thyroid disease, and my hormones were really unbalanced. I hadn’t had a period in 2 years and my body felt out of whack.

Hoping that I would 'grow out' of my skin issues, or that I would eventually just learn to sleep well…that I would finally stop struggling with gaining weight and then losing, only to gain it back again...that my life would just improve enough that I would no longer feel anxious.

I didn't understand that all of those things pointed to the fact that my body wasn't detoxifying properly…

...and that the power to change all of those things was inside of me.

Through my work I found that many of those things I didn't like about my body were actually linked to a small, yet very important thing I was doing every day.

Some think that drinking water at meals or when they are thirsty is the way to stay hydrated, and that if they 'thirsty' they don't need more.

But then I realized that hydration was about more than just water intake, and that not all liquid was created equal!

Ultimately, I learned that deep, cellular hydration takes more than just sipping water.

It is a dynamic approach to eating and drinking that with a few simple shifts, can powerfully affect your body's health and ability to detoxify.

Hydration is a powerful key to your health. 

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If you are struggling with helping your body feel it’s best and aren’t sure what to do to help yourself move forward, getting started with simple, straightforward steps is best. 

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"I feel really good, just like myself again. I've lost 15 lbs, my skin is GLOWING, and people keep telling me I look great. I just tell them I'm finally taking care of me." 

- Elise L. -

I believe that small, simple choices have the power to change your life. If you embrace even ONE of these steps, you will see dramatic results. The next key piece in my healing journey was supporting my mind. 

My brain and nervous system were totally fried from stress!

Hydrating your body and balancing your nervous system through breath can change how you can respond to stress and all of the demands on your time and energy. 

The simple practice I’m going to show you will increase your immune system (up to 80%!), help you sleep better, balance your hormones, use less energy on mental tasks, and communicate and relate better with others. 

Think about how your life would change if even one of those things happened each day. 

It’s all possible. It’s not hard. You can start today. 

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How To Train Your Body To Calmly Focus
And Feel At Peace, In Just Minutes A Day

Meditation is gaining popularity as a tool to help people manage stress and stick with healthy habits. But a lot of teachers say you need meditate for an hour every morning...who has time for that?!

At one point in my life I had tried so many meditation techniques, looking for something that didn't make me bored, that I could stick with, and that would actually improve my mood and help me stick with the healthy changes I wanted to make. I wanted something easy, gentle and that didn't make me feel like I was doing something 'wrong' all of the time.

However, most techniques I tried didn't seem to address what I really needed, they took a long time or didn't keep me interested. Most people think that you need to work really hard to change yourself. That it's a process of learning to control yourself.

But I realized that seeking to hold on tight to control was really just keeping me feeling bad about myself for not being something. I was super focused on the negative, and beating myself up. This was just making me feel worse, not better!

I decided to just start something simple, a gentle practice that actually made me feel better.

What if to heal the nervous system, the part of you that struggles to manage stress, you didn't have to work so hard?

You could actually have the things you're craving, and retrain yourself to feel peace and calm like you haven't in years (if ever!)?

What’s hard is trying different diets and programs and obsessively working out every day, while still not seeing results. Feeling like a 'failure' yet again when you didn't make time for meditation this morning, or any of the other good 'wellness' things you feel like you should be doing, but just can't seem to manage. You still find yourself in exactly the same state you are now, exhausted and not sure where to start. 

My clients have healed from chronic diseases and imbalances including anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, weight imbalances, genetic disorders, sleep issues, hormonal imbalance, skin issues and more...just using these methods.

"I never thought I could meditate, let alone LIKE to do it. But here I am with a regular practice that I look forward to every day. I used to stress out so much about what to eat, and now I feel like I choose what feels good because I listen to what my body is telling me."

- Caty L. -

If you felt calmer, if you can feel your body relax and begin to let go of stress, know that you  have engaged your natural healing ability. Everyone has the ability to do this, anywhere, anytime. Instantly and for FREE. If you’d like to learn more, go ahead and claim your guide to daily self-care. Inside, you’ll find my top seven tips to feeling calmer, getting healthier, and moving forward into the person you love best. YOU.


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These are the most impactful things I have found to create deep and lasting change in your body and your life.

Simple Method

No more feeling frustrated with meditations that aren’t working, late-night googling sessions to try and figure out how to feel better or lose weight, constantly questioning if you're doing the 'right' thing.

Just a simple and clear method you can start TODAY to start feeling calmer and clearer.

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Your body is unique, and to achieve the best results, you need personalized support. Together we’ll develop a customized plan that gives you the tools to start getting the results you’ve been dreaming about...and to feel nourished, healed, and whole.

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