I'm Lauren, 

A meditation teacher, nutritional therapist, and epigenetics counselor who believes that small, simple choices have the power to change your life.


Self-care is more than just bubble baths and candles, it's an approach to vibrant living. 

Every day, we all make choices. Small ones, big ones, some that have an obvious impact on how well we feel, and others that don’t.


My life’s work is about helping people find what makes them BLOOM. 

Struggling with loss in my childhood made me very curious about how to live well, how to find a sense of peace and purpose within myself as I moved through life without what I once had. I turned to mindfulness practices and the study of different faith traditions to help me manage the stress, anxiety and grief I felt inside.

My experience taught me that many of the challenges we face today are not because there is something wrong with who we are, but because of the way that we are living.


Fast-forward to my early twenties, after studying International Relations and Law in the UK, I hit a wall. I got sick and couldn’t continue the path I was on. I moved home and began a journey of recovery that would change my life forever.








I increasingly found that when people would find peace in their minds and hearts, their physical symptoms would improve.

I began studying nutritional therapy because doctors and health care practitioners on two continents were unable to help me heal.

Nutrient-rich Food and awareness of my own body did help me, and when I felt better, I wanted to shout what I had learned from the rooftops.


I started a small nutritional therapy practice and then joined a larger practice in the Washington, D.C. area.  As a nutritional therapist and nutrigenomic counselor, I gained several years of intensive clinical experience helping all kinds of individuals suffering from major autoimmune disease, allergies, cancers, hormonal imbalance and biotoxin illness, the diseases of modern life.  I used food and an understanding of human epigenetics to help them re-balance their body's natural systems. 

As I continued to grow as a practitioner, it became clear to me that my earlier fascination with human spirituality belonged in my work. I began studying with a Yaqui indigenous healer in the Sonoran desert that shifted my understanding of what was possible for human healing. 






Many of those I served were also curious about medical cannabis, or were using it themselves without safe, legal access. I began to study the cannabis plant, and what I found shook me to my core. The body contained a system that regulated all of its other organs, and it was designed to function on exactly the same compounds found in cannabis, except we could make them inside ourselves. I was not able to utilize this ancient and effective medicine in my practice due to our geographic location so...


I developed a method to teach my clients how to regulate their own body's internal balancing system, without any additional substances. 


Then, destiny came knocking again. I joined the burgeoning medical cannabis industry as an executive focused on education and training, to help our legislators, patients and curious members of the public better understand what our natural plant medicines can do for the health of our bodies and our planet. I became the National Director of Outreach and Engagement for a multi-state Cannabis brand and spoke publically to educate others on my technique. I learned SO MUCH, including how to develop training and educational modules for organizations and teams and how to build an engaged team, even in a remote work environment. I knew in my heart that I loved helping others find personal well-being.

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